Request a Letter of Invitation

All letters of invitation will be sent via email as a pdf file. Please allow ample time for processing requests. Requests can take 7-10 U.S. business days to process.

WAI is not able to contact Embassies in support of an individual attempting to gain entry into the host country to attend an WAI meeting.

Please complete one form per registrant.

Check the information you provide on the form carefully. If any details are missing or incorrect, we will not be able to resend an amended letter.

Please request your invitation letter prior to making your appointment at the Embassy in order for you to have your letter available for your interview. Bring proper documentation with you to the interview, such as show materials, proof of previous overseas travel, and proof that you will return to your country (i.e. proof of business ownership, employment, family relationships). To locate your nearest embassy or consulate, please visit